Visualize your life in Weeks

+ Reminders that life is finite

It's important to remember that your time on Earth is finite. If you can live up to 90 years old, you'll have about 4,680 weeks at your disposal.

The only appropriate word to describe your weeks is precious. Think of each week as a little diamond measuring 2mm and weighing 0.05 carats.
Here's one: .

If you multiply the volume of the little diamond by the number of weeks in 90 years, it totals just under a tablespoon:
Looking at this spoonful of diamonds, there's one obvious question to ask:
Are you making the most of your weeks?
an analogy of time by Tim Urban

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Pokie ðŸĶ” the hedgehog's life in weeks
We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will
~ Chuck Palahniuk
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